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Video Surveillance

Here are some things to consider when purchasing a surveillance system:

  • Image Quality - What factors influence image quality? Image quality is the product of several variables; camera resolution, recording resolution, recording media type, recording product, and recorder settings.
  • Image Retention - As with image quality, image retention varies based on the recording media, recording product, and recorder settings. There are generally trade offs between cost and other factors, but image retention should be a key factor in your purchasing decision.
  • Accessibility - Today there are a wide variety of options available for exporting images from recording systems. As with all other elements of system planning, it is important to define your accessibility requirements for the system you choose.

We have experience designing, installing, and servicing many types of video surveillance systems. Whether you need a simple solution for a small business or a complex solution for a large project, we can help.

Surveillance Systems

NW Security and Automation installs and services video surveillance systems.

We install and service several video surveillance systems, including Salient Systems video management products. Salient Systems CompleteView is a proven platform for managing analog and IP video. CompleteView includes powerful features, and is scalable to meet the needs of your business.

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Salient Touch View Mobile App

Salient CompleteView VMS

  • Scalable
  • Web Client
  • Mobile Client
  • IP and Analog Support
  • Remote Adminstration and Monitoring
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